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Crossroads Child Learning Center
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Crossroads Child Learning Center
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Crossroads Child Learning Center

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With a degree in Early Childhood Edu., and plenty of experience as a preschool teacher, I am extremely picky about where I send my children. I have nothing but positive things to say about CCLC. My preschooler comes home bubbling over the things she's done everyday. The activities, field trips, class materials, staff, and special opportunities are outstanding. My husband and I firmly believe that the CCLC staff is a large part of our daughters success and love for the school. There is nothing like the secure feeling I have when I can drop my children off, completely confident that they are safe, well-loved, and blossoming.
We have been with Crossroads Child Learning Center since the beginning and I looked around at other daycare's and I am happy I chose CCLC! I love the small family-like atmosphere and would recommend to anyone!
The program is great! Our family feels like part of a greater family here at Crossroads. I recommend child care here to all my friends and family. We love this place!
My son thinks his teachers are awesome! There are very few people/places that we have left our children, but my husband and I can say with complete honesty that the staff is great and we know they are being taken care of the way we want.
Its great to go in the center and get greeted by every teacher/staff. I love knowing that when its a day to take my child to preschool he is very excited and ready to go. The staff is wonderful there.
Kristin Merrill
Crossroads Child Learning Center is a wonderful place for my children to grow and learn and to be taught the values in life I want instilled upon them. The staff are wonderful and such a blessing knowing my kids are safe and cared for properly.
Brittany Ellison
I am so happy with the love and kindness shown to my children. It makes my life easier that I can go to work and not worry about them throughout the day.
Ashley Perez
AMAZING place to send your children! Secure and clean! So glad with the switch we made!
Jessica McDermott
I absolutely love CCLC! The staff are so nice and will help you with almost anything!
Amber Miller
We are excited to announce the opening of Crossroads Child Learning Center on August 6, 2012. Please contact us to schedule a tour and learn more about CCLC
Shannon Terry - Director